Bonkwan Dojang

Literally meaning Headquarters Dojang, a Hapkido Association, founded by Jere R Hilland, hapkido 8th dan. Located in Cypress, Texas.

Available for classes at your dojang, hapkido workshops, self defense seminars and instructor training.

Free Self Defense or Woman's Self Defense Workshops available for your non profit group in Cypress at your facility.

(701) 429-7582 (Voice or Text)

Favorite Quotes

"The warriors are dedicated to protecting the peacemakers.
The peacemakers are dedicated to eliminating the need for warriors. Both professions are honorable."

"You can tell how hard an instructor has worked for his rank, by how hard he makes others work to get it."

"Martial arts success is not measured by the destination, but rather by the distance traveled, and what is learned along the way!"

"All Martial Artists are beginners; Some of us have just been beginning a little longer!"